Broadview Gardens is noted for the maintenance of properties under our care. From spring and autumn cleanups, weekly weeding, privet hedge maintenance, application of soil amendments, and outstanding rose care, our experienced crews follow our exacting standards to make each garden look and perform their best. We are dedicated to providing professional service that is supported by years of practical experience. We not only maintain the properties, but we strive to improve them over time for the enjoyment of our clients. We also provide overwintering services for tropicals and non-hardy plants.

Winter Protection

As part of our fall clean-up program our crews can provide for winter protection. This work includes: construction of wind screens for individual trees, shrubs,espaliers, hedges, rose gardens and statuary; tying of boxwoods, wrapping of plant material.

Tidy up

For clients who find themselves facing a daunting garden clean-up our crews can come in and clean-up specific areas of your property and prepare them for you to plant.


We overwinter plants for many of our dedicated customers. If you have tender plants that you wish to overwinter please contact us by email or phone for an overwintering price schedule. Typically we store plants for seven months from mid October to Mid May. The per-pot price includes pruning (if needed), fertilizing, and any kind of pest management required.

We have the right to refuse plants for over-wintering due to insect infestation, disease, or if the plant appears to have suffered from irreparable stress. It is recommended that your garden maintenance crews make an effort to have the plants come in clean and healthy.